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Editors say about Pocketsun Face

- Vogue -

I like the idea of a product that provides a natural tan without stains.

- Flair / Icon Panorama -

Pocketsun immediately intrigued me: now that I have tried it, I cannot live without it.

- Amica / amica.it -

Pocketsun is certainly an innovative product in the cosmetic industry.

Editors say about Pocketsun Face

- Glamour -

Thanks Cosmetics Milano for creating such a revolutionary product for our readers, I can’t wait to try it.

- L’Officiel -

A wonderful product, easy to use ...Pocketsun will no doubt be included in my beauty case, even while when traveling!

- Style Magazine -

This product is totally innovative and perfect even for men, it gives you an amber color without staining clothes!

Editors say about Pocketsun Body

- Vanity Fair -

I cannot wait to use the mousse, especially now as I start to bare my legs.

- Diva e Donna -

I find that the light consistency and fast absorbing mousse is ideal for the body, especially in summer.

- Vogue -

The light consistency, the pleasant fragrance and the fact that the mousse is easy to apply on the legs are definitely added values to consider.

Editors say about Pocketsun Body

- L’Officiel -

I love this mousse, it looks perfect for my fashion shoots, I'll try it soon!

- Gioia -

I've already tried Pocketsun, the leg mousse is brilliant! A real lifesaver, especially for the beginning of the summer!

Editors say about Pocketsun Scrub

- Cosmopolitan -

I find that the face and body scrub is excellent! A scrub infused with essential orange oils, suitable even for the most sensitive skin with a pleasant scent.

- Vanityfair.it -

Pocketsun scrub immediately makes the skin soft and ready to apply tanning products to obtain optimal results!

Editors say about Pocketsun Speedy

- Beauty in Vogue e Rolling Stone -

I like the new format of Pocketsun Speedy that you can bring with you during the weekend.

- Elle -

Just one hour? This is great, I can use it at home in the morning and arrive in the office with a perfect tan.

Editors say about Pocketsun Elixir

- Tu Style -

I like Elixir, now I can use both Pocketsun and Elixir to have a perfect tan everyday.

- Vanity Fair.it -

It is a smart idea. A glow extender that is also hydrating, so you can use just one product for a soft and tanned skin.


The next generation of natural tanning
Golden and healthy tan that will last for 3/5 days
A complete product line for a personalized result

No Streaks or clothing colour transfer
Innovative and transparent formulas
Delicate fresh scent
Paraben-free, nickel tested and hypoallergenic
100% Vegan and Natural


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